Weekend Getaways and Summer Destinations in India

  • Spectacular settings in the Lap of the Himalayas in locations that are easily accessible and yet cut away from the busy towns and tourist hot spots.
  • Answers the big question of "I am here now, but what does one do here?" With an expansive menu of activities to pick from, be it adventure sports, sightseeing, picnics, bird-watching, checking out the local wildlife and so on. All activities are conducted by in-house teams keeping a check on quality while allowing flexibility.
  • Any Eco Lodge in our network will not be more than half a day's journey from another, making it possible to create longer trips and itineraries that allow one to experience the Himalayas and everything it has to offer.
  • Uniquely special evenings with a mix of fun activities, events, concerts, village interactions etc running throughout the year to make the evenings interesting and engaging for the guests.
  • Simple, elegant & earthy, Himalayan Eco Lodges endeavour to be eco friendly in a very understated but true sense with recycled cement & steel sheets, water harvesting, CFL & LED lighting, solar water heating & lighting and use of natural fibres for linen.

With an average resort size of 15-25 rooms, Himalayan Eco Lodges aim to be small, intimate properties that blend into the surroundings and are un-hotel- like in every sense.